ZEN is a fast-paced, minimalistic puzzle game about cubes and numbers. Available for iPhone and iPad.

Swipe left, right, up or down to rotate the cube. Select the right sides and calculate to reach 10 within 10 seconds! Level up and reach ZEN!

Featuring a hyper-futuristic, electronic soundtrack by Brian Grainger (Milieu Music), original game concept and design by Sebastian Gansrigler and technical implementation and code perfection by Matthias Gansrigler (Eternal Storms Software).

“ZEN is minimalism and cleverness put inside a box, turned upside down and formed into a beautiful game.”

- Some random dude

“Combine a Rubik's Cube with Sudoku and FEZ. Mind = blown.”

- Very important game journalist guy person

“I like it”

- My mom

“ZEN wipes your brain’s cache for a moment. What a great feeling.”

- Sebastian Gansrigler